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Should Stroller-Pushing Mom Really Be in the Guinness Record Book?

Photograph by Twenty20

We see them everywhere: busy moms with multiple children, pushing strollers, double-fisting grocery bags and doing their best to prove to the world that they've got this.

And yet? No one blinks an eye, barely anyone holds the door.

Last weekend, on the other hand, a Canadian mother set a Guinness World Record for her busy mom feat. She pushed all four of her kids in strollers (plural! More than one stroller!) while running a half-marathon.

That's a pretty big deal if you've never taken your kids to an amusement park. Cynical question, though. Is it record-worthy?

Where's the celebration for that mom at Target (any Target, on any day) trying to pick out laundry detergent while her three boys scream and whip toys at one another? She needs a trophy, not an offer to sign up for a Red Card.

Same for all moms still packing lunches every damn morning. And filling out camp forms. And commuting/working/cooking/bathing/reading/not sobbing all the days of the week, plus sometimes weekends, when every day feels like a fight to get into some record book.

Before we get too judgey, we should probably back it up. It turns out, Jenn Weatherall is in her forties and wasn't just doing it for show. According to reporters, Weatherall pushed two double strollers—with two kids in each one—over the course of three hours, 25 minutes and 49 seconds because she wanted her children to know that anything was possible if you work hard enough.

"They all had things to do and things to color and treats inside, " she said. "No one complained and they all slept for the last hour, so it was perfect."

So maybe she got lucky on the behavior end of things, but did we mention this race took place in Canada?

CTV News reported cold temperatures and 55-km/h winds: brutal conditions for anyone, much less a mother of four pushing two strollers 13.1 without taking a coffee break or hiding in the bathroom to scroll Instagram.

“It was tough," said participant Cathy Lumb. "It was windy. On university avenue, I just about couldn’t get through it."

'There’s a bath waiting.'

Weatherall told reporters that the last 10 kilometers were the hardest. "Both shoulders were so sore I couldn't move them anymore," she said. "So that hurt.”

In her final statement, before packing up her sleds for the final trek home, Weatherall proved that she was just like every mother we know—an ordinary woman doing extraordinary things with her children and rewarding herself afterward.

“There’s a bath waiting," she smiled, "and then there’s some champagne waiting.”

Though she may not be a supermom, her logic is every mother's inspiration throughout the day, and it would be hard for anyone to dispute that.

If only Guinness World Records had enough pages in their book for the rest of us.

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