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'Super' Mom Chases Down Kidnapper

On May 16, a woman was minding her own business in Albuquerque, N.M., when a bunch of teens from her apartment complex rushed to her, saying that a man was trying to kidnap her 4-year-old daughter, according to the Examiner. Without hesitating, the mother ran after the man, later identified as David Hernandez (pictured), who fled in his car, supposedly with the child. Instead of simply calling the police and hoping for the best, this mom got into her car and chased him for over 7 miles until he was stopped at a red light. At this point, she rammed her car into his, causing the suspect to flee from his vehicle. The woman called police, who set a perimeter around the area and eventually caught the alleged kidnapper. Though she looked for her child in the car, it turned out the man had pushed her 4-year-old out of the car back at the apartment complex, and they were soon reunited.

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