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11-Year-Old's Awesome 3-D Printing

Although the price of 3-D printers has dramatically dropped in recent years (down from about $20,000 to its current price of around $2,000), some families interested in the technology are still having trouble justifying the price. So when 11-year-old entrepreneur/inventor Andrew Man-Hudspith found himself needing one, he did the natural thing to convince his parents to buy the machine: He delivered a tongue-in-cheek PowerPoint presentation. (The second slide says the first reason why they should get it is, "So I won't keep bugging you.") The presentation he gave explains such facts as why he wants it and how they can split the difference in price in order to acquire it, noting that Spenser and Cordelia can help them pay for the coveted machine.

Well, Andrew won out, and this beautiful video by Nathan Fitch explores Andrew's endless curiosity and propensity for inventing things (back from before his 3-D printing days, when Andrew employed cardboard to create, he made inventions such as a cardboard "machine" that makes Jackson Pollock-ian works of art), but the video also shows the young inventor's skill with the printer in his creations of a bracelet for his sister, a comb, toy figurines and more. See the must-watch video below, or click here to see the video in a better view.

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