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Teacher Resigns in Video

Calling out administrators who "rule through fear and intimidation," one veteran teacher decided to resign from her job in an almost 10-minute YouTube video called In Pursuit of Happiness.

The teacher, who's identified only by her YouTube handle, iquityoucantfireme, explains how she left her previous career in advertising and PR after 20 years because she wanted to do something meaningful. And for her, that was teaching.

She says, though, that over the past 15 years, the focus has changed from one valuing creativity to one valuing "uniformity and conformity," with a particular emphasis on raising students' standardized test scores.

"I have become painfully aware that neither my principal, my administrator, not even my union will protect my rights or stand by me," she says in the video, explaining that she and three other colleagues were given involuntary transfer letters for being partly responsible for, administrators say, creating a negative environment in the school.

"Unless you are a 'Yes Man,' you will soon find out that your only choices are to become one or to leave," she says.

"The truth is," she adds, "I am not a 'Yes Man.'"

So, holding back tears as she is visually overcome with emotion in the video, the teacher resigns, rather than going ahead with the transfer.

Image via YouTube

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