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Teen Arrested in Bomb Threat Has OCD

In an unexpected turn in the Oregon teen arrested for plotting an attack on his school, his mother says a medical problem may be to blame. After being turned into the police, 17 year old Grant Acord was arrested when police found an arsenal of weapons in his bedroom. The young man was planning a Columbine-esque massacre. Acord had hidden napalm, Molotov cocktails, and pipe bombs under the floorboards in his room and had a diagram as to how he could cause the most death and destruction possible to his high school, West Albany High in Albany, Oregon.

His mother made this statement, in part:

"My heart goes out to everyone affected by Grant's struggle with PANDAS, a rare form of OCD."

PANDAS is apparently triggered by an immune response after having a strep infection. It is marked by violent changes in behavior, including extreme manifestations of OCD.

Acord is being held on $2 million bail.

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