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Dad Puts Kid Into Fun Photos

Just one year into his photography career, Emil Nystrom is already garnering plenty of attention, unquestionably deserved. With his amazing photos of his baby daughter, the Swedish photog creates conceptual scenes, making it look as if his daughter is fixing a car, cannonballing into a bathtub, painting the walls and even holding onto a rope tied to a flying plane, according to photography enthusiast site Phlearn, which interviewed Nystrom for the feature on his photography.

The photographer tells the site that he can spend anywhere from 30 minutes to 16 hours photoshopping one of his images to get the desired effect—although one main determinant of how long he spends in the software whether if he's been able to completely and successfully map out his concept ahead of time. His story is actually very interesting, as he's toured with a band, himself; becoming a music reporter; and eventually settling into photography once he saw that people were willing to pay decent money for his pictures. Check out the interview—and more pictures of his adorable daughter in these fun situations—here.

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