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Viral Video: Paraplegic Mom Surfs

Surfing is hard—just ask anyone who’s ever tried to perch on a plank of wood while being sloshed around in ten-foot waves. That’s why we were particularly impressed to hear about Pascale Honore from Elliston, Australia who was paralyzed from the waist down in a car accident 18 years ago. Nonetheless, since then, this 50-year-old mom of two has taken up surfing, and a video of her feat has gone viral.

It all started, Honore says, because she loves watching her two boys surf the waves on the nearby reefs. But she also felt frustrated, wishing she could join them. That’s when their sons’ friend, 23-year-old Tyron Swan, suggested she piggyback on him, so to speak. “We were just sitting around one night having a few beers when I thought, `yeah, I reckon I could surf with Pascale on my back’,” Ty says.

From there this unlikely surfing duo turned to tackling logistics: Honore bought a backpack—”just a Kmart special” Honore explains—and cut out leg holes. It was then donned by Swan. Honore was inserted, then secured at the shoulders, waist and legs with duct tape. The surfing duo started out to flat water last December, then graduated to waves. At some point an impressed onlooker decided to film them. Posted just two days ago, the video has gone viral and already attracted nearly 5,000 views.

Honore thinks her surfing venture should teach people to never resign themselves to a life they don’t want to lead. “People would say to me, `picture yourself walking again,’” she told the newspaper Adelaide Now. “One day I just told myself, `well maybe I could walk one day, but in the meantime what am I supposed to do?’ That’s when I decided to just get on with it. You either look at what you’ve got or you look at what you haven’t got.”

Photo via Adelaide Now

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