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Video: Mom Crowdsources for Teen Who Jumps Off Roof

Moms go to great lengths to take care of their kids, but this one goes overboard in more ways than one. After Show Low, Arizona teenager Nicole Yunker jumped off her roof but missed the pool below, shattering the bones in her legs, her mother Carrie added embarrassment to injury by airing the video of the accident on the crowdfunding site GoFundMe.com, seeing donations to cover her daughter’s overhead (which consists of rent and expenses for the six months she’ll be out of work due to her injuries).

According to Carrie’s entreaty for alms, “My daughter Nicole Just graduated from high school. She had a good job, and had just moved into her very first house as an adult on her own. I’m so proud of her. Unfortunately Nicole with her roommates, and a girlfriend were being crazy young adults one afternoon. Jumping from the roof of their house into the pool. I’m surprised that Nicole would even try something like that. She’s not the very daring type. She hesitated at the last moment. She missed the pool.”

Carrie’s goal: to raise $4,200. Amount raised so far: $80. But while this mother’s quest to help her daughter hasn’t tugged at many heartstrings, it has become a target for wisecracks. Such as: “Hmm, donate to a real cause or give money to a dumb broad that jumped off a roof? Tough call.” To which Carrie has replied, “I feel sorry for all the people that are so negative. I’ll pray for each, and everyone of you as you sit, and type your negative comments to us.”

Photo via SFGate

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