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Trick-Shot Titus Does it Again

Remember Titus? That little guy who could make a basket from... well... anywhere? The two-year-old's vid was published just a few months ago, and already has over 11 million views. After Titus had a rough appearance on the Today show and Jimmy Kimmel said he "stinks," Titus' dad challenged Kimmel to a shoot-off between the baby and the late-night host. Kimmel accepted... and was totally owned by the two-year-old on national television. The original video was also featured in a Sprint commercial.

Well, Titus is back, and his shots are crazier than ever... and at two and a half, he's also cuter than ever. Our favorite part, though, is watching the whole family—while it could be a serious "stage dad" situation, Titus' three siblings and father appear to simply love the fun of it all. Luckily, Titus seems to like it too. We're not sure, because he can't really talk yet, but all his clapping points in that direction.

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