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Talent-Brawl Mom Charged

Photograph by AFP/Getty Images

Oh man, and you thought your mom was totally embarrassing! A Florida mother who's been accused of starting a major smackdown at her daughter's talent show has now formally faced the court. Latisha James, who allegedly choked and punched fellow mom Jessica Tyler during a performance featuring both of their kids, has been charged with battery.

Authorities said the fight first started when 27-year-old Jessica Tyler exchanged words with James, 39, during the talent show in St. Cloud, Fla. James was standing to take pictures of her daughter on stage, and in doing so was blocking Tyler's view. (Tyler later told a 9-1-1 operator that James responded to her request to take a seat with an oh-so-civilized "No, I ain't f---ing sitting down.")

Tensions between the two mothers subsided briefly as the show continued, but flared up once again when Tyler walked in front of James to take some pictures of her own child's performance. As James's child, a 3-year-old girl, makes her way back to her chair, Tyler's hand makes contact with her.

Tyler claims it was merely accidental contact and she meant James's child no harm. Said James to WKMG Local 6, an area TV station: "Once she knocked my baby over, like I said, I just snapped. And she did not say, 'I'm sorry.'" Things got so heated that James apparently grabbed Tyler by her throat, and allegedly also punched her.

Both women are now banned from attending any future events at their kids' elementary school, and Tyler, too, is now saddled with a battery charge.

Source: Fort Erie Times

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