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The Mail-Order Pregnancy Craving Food You Have to Try

Photograph by Twenty20

Pregnancy cravings can start as early as two or three weeks into your pregnancy—before most women even notice signs of being pregnant. And lots of women have reported some pretty weird pregnancy cravings—even celebrity moms from Chrissy Teigen to Kelly Clarkson have dished on their strange cravings.

As it turns out, there's actually a scientific reason for your cravings: They're a side effect from the beta hCG hormone and progesterone produced by the ovaries and placenta. So if you've been hooked on PB&J, pasta, tacos or pickles while pregnant, you're definitely not alone.

But what we're about to tell you next is likely to simultaneously gross you out and have you headed to the store (or online shopping) to try. There's a food fad spreading on the internet that might surprise you because it's exactly the kind of thing that a pickle-loving pregnant lady would send her partner to the store for at 11:30 p.m. on a Thursday. The thing we never knew existed and never expected to want to try: pickle juice popsicles.

Yep, you read that right. Similar to the packaging of the Fla-Vor-Ice or Pop-Ice treats of our childhoods that came in a plastic sleeve, you can buy ice pops that are made from pickle juice.

But what's up with this weird treat? Are there really a lot of people who love the taste of pickle juice? It seems so.


This is just the beginning. Now we're launching our pickle juice in bottles. Jalapeño pickle juice and a BloodyMary? Bobspicklebacks.com

Interestingly, some athletes say they love pickle juice pops because they're great for quenching thirst and preventing muscle cramps. You can lose important minerals such as sodium, potassium, calcium and magnesium during an intense workout, but pickle juice apparently can help replace them. Van Holten's, one of the companies that makes the briny ice pops, also adds electrolytes to their Pickle-Ice freezer pops for added benefit.

Texans have been able to buy pickle pops at the grocery store for years, but this quirky regional treat is gaining in popularity thanks to endurance athletes. And not that we're enabling your midnight cravings, but we thought you should know you can get pickle-flavored icy pops delivered to your front door thanks to Amazon Prime. In fact, you can buy the plastic sleeves on Amazon for a DIY ice pop project, too.

So if you're a closet pickle juice-drinker while pregnant, or maybe decide you want to start running marathons, now you know a new way to get your fix.

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