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Funny Photoshopped Baby Pics Go Viral

It’s a fact: All parents looooove taking photos of their precious little ones. Many of us, we dare say, take way too many photos, and accost our friends with them on Facebook (one birthday photo fine; 30 is overkill). Nonetheless, occasionally some baby pics come along that truly deserve to be showered with shares and likes, like those of Swedish photographer Emil Nyström.

Nyström started using his Photoshop skills to have some fun with pictures of his one-year-old daughter, Signhild. Only rather than tweaking your typical scenes—frolicking under a sprinkler or digging in a sandbox—he concocted far more fantastical scenarios. In one photo, tiny Signhild is getting her hands dirty fixing a car. In another, she’s soaring at 5,000 feet towed by a plane. Signhild poses as a “fruit ninja” slicing apples with her Samurai sword, hangs from shelves, and bonds with a chimpanzee. And let’s not forget the photo of her birthday party where she and her countless clones surround an unconscious dad and a wide-eyed mom duct-taped to her chair.

While many of the portraits are obviously fabricated, Nyström says he tried to snap as much as he could for real. So, Signhild probably was painting that wall with a roller, or peering under the hood of her dad’s car. “The perfect shot usually comes pretty fast,” Nyström explained. “Because anyone who has shot a baby knows that their patience is not the best.”

All we can say is: You put the rest of our photos to shame, Nyström. Keep up the good work.

Photo via Emilmedia.se

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