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Tanning Mom Is Baaaack

Remember The Tanning Mom from New Jersey? A little more than a year ago, Patricia Krentcil was accused of endangering her 5-year-old daughter by having the child accompany her into a tanning booth. The crazy story—as well as the shocking appearance of Krentcil’s deep-fried hide—made national headlines at the time. She even ended up being spoofed in a skit on Saturday Night Live.

Well, guess what? Krentcil’s back on the radar again, The Calgary Herald reports. Only this time, instead of roasting for untold hours under the glare of UV lights in a comfy suburban salon, she’s been cooling off—in a detox center in the Midwest.

According to Patrick Hogan, who’s the spokesperson for the Metropolitan Airports commission, police at the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport had to be called because an intoxicated woman was hanging around at the Delta ticket counter. When they arrived to defuse the scene, they allegedly found that the problem customer was, yes, The Tanning Mom.

Krentcil wasn’t put under arrest, but was instead taken to a detox facility in order to get sober again. At the time of the interview, Hogan stated he didn’t know when (or if) she had been released again. Calls to her home went unanswered on Saturday.

Last year, Krentcil’s time in the spotlight faded after a grand jury declined to indict her on the child-endangerment charges she had faced.

According to Hogan, intoxicated travelers are sent to detox if they are either unable to care for themselves or there is no capable companion available who can care for them if they are released.

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