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Video: Deaf Boy Hears Father’s Voice for First Time

Grayson Clamp was born deaf. But now, at age 3, he underwent a new surgery that allowed him to hear. The first words he heard? “Daddy loves you,” father Len Clamp told him, simultaneously signing the words to make sure his son understood. The boy’s reaction—one of stunned delight—is so precious the video has since gone viral.

Grayson was born lacking cochlear nerves, which carry sounds from the inner ear to the brain. To fix this problem, he received a brainstem implant the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, led by head and neck surgeon Craig Buchman. Grayson was one of the first children to undergo this new surgery, which is already used in adults. And so far he is loving the results.

“Never one time did he show any fear about that new sensation,” says Len, who'd adopted Grayson with his wife Nicole in 2010. “It was a lot more excitement. And he’s really curious to begin with.” Since then, he’s fallen in love with music. “He claps his hands, he bobs his head. At his day care, they have a stereo, and he loves to run over and turn it on.” Grayson is now working with a speech therapist, but still has a long way to go to catch up with his peers.

Looking back, Len admits he pondered for weeks what his son's first heard words should be. “Honestly, when we got to that moment I still hadn’t decided. I just think it was sort of a spontaneous parental instinct for me to say ‘Daddy loves you,’” he admits. “I thought that would be just the most fitting thing to say.”

Photo via NBC News

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