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Woman Regrets Being Stay-at-Home Mom

It’s a tough call: Once a woman has kids, should she stay home with them or return to work? Well, according to one Wall Street trader who quit her job 20 years ago to become a SAHM (stay-at-home mom), she’d made a big mistake.

“At no point did I calculate the lifetime impact of diminished earnings and prospects,” Lisa Endlich Heffernan wrote in her column for the Huffington Post. One day I was working on the trading floor of a London bank and the next, I was on the floor of my children's playroom. Not once did I think, at age 33, of what the job market would look like for me a few years down the road.”

Heffernan’s post was shared over a thousand times on Facebook and received hundreds of comments. For instance: “I think that there are MANY women who feel the same way.... whether they say it publically is another story!” says another SAHM. “I have a college education and NEVER used it.” Or another: “I fear that whatever decision we make when it comes to raising our children will be fraught with a mixture of regret, confusion, what-ifs and a case of grass-is-always-greener. I truly wish life was so simple that we were granted the guarantee of feeling at peace with our decisions and sacrifices.”

Heffernan did stay at work after having her first two kids, describing the situation as “helplessly out of control.” Once she became pregnant with a third, she decided to throw in the towel.

In retrospect, Heffernan says she should have worked part-time, and urges other women to do the same. “Keep a pilot light under your professional life,” she said.

Photo via Today

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