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Mom Takes Her Kid's Test

Photograph by AFP/Getty Images

Ooh la la—and we thought American helicopter moms were extreme! A French mother seeking to boost her daughter’s academic prospects tried to take a college-entrance exam for her, authorities say.

Britain’s Telegraph reports that the woman, who is known only as Caroline D., dressed the part of a teen on testing day, with low-waisted jeans, a pair of Converse kicks, and “elaborate” makeup. Then she sat for her daughter’s Baccalauréat, an examination that helps to determine which universities students are eligible to attend.

At first, Caroline didn’t arouse anyone’s suspicion—she’d opted to take the exam somewhere other than at her daughter Laetitia’s high school. But a sharp-eyed supervisor remembered seeing Laetitia at an another exam not long before, and noted that the girl had looked different then.

School administrators decided to allow the meddling mom to slave over most of the three-hour test before they confronted her. As a representative later explained, “Intervening during the exam could have disturbed the other candidates, and created a reason to cancel the test for everyone.”

When the time was right, though, four plainclothes police officers arrived on the scene, and a supervisor quietly removed Caroline from the school. And she’s now facing a lot more than just international embarrassment: Her crime carries a potential three-year prison term for fraud, and she could be required to pony up a fine of up to 9,000 Euros (about $12,000 dollars). Laetitia may have to pay a steep price too: She could end up being banned from all official exams for five years.

Ironically, the incident happened shortly after France’s education ministry started a heavily criticized campaign to snag more cheaters and punish them more severely.

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