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No Test for Nursing Mom

Photograph by AFP/Getty Images

A Florida mom was blocked from taking a college exam because she brought her baby along to breast-feed—and now she’s speaking out to say that she thinks the school’s policy sucks.

Rebecca Mabrey, of Jacksonville, thought it would be no big deal to take her baby daughter along to a test she needed to take at Florida State College. “My exam kind of landed between naptime and feeding time,” she told WTLV, a local station. Mabrey estimated that the timing would work out perfectly for her little one: “Right at the end, she’d probably want to wake up and breast-feed," she explained.

But school officials didn’t share Mabrey’s scheduling philosophy, Britain’s Daily Mail reported. When the proctor saw the young mother arrive with her baby in tow, she was turned away. Mabrey says she was informed that no infants would be allowed at the test site, even after she showed the supervisor a copy of Florida’s maternal and infant health care law on breast-feeding.

Since then, she and the school have been locked in arguments. Mabrey’s claims, that her alma mater violated state law, have been countered with an email from a school official stating that ‘this is not a prohibition of breast-feeding an infant.” College authorities say that infants are not allowed into proctored exams both for the babies’ own safety and to preserve an environment that’s conducive to learning.

Mabrey, however, still isn’t satisfied. She pointed out to the station that the college is willing and able to make special arrangements for handicapped and learning-disabled students—including giving them separate rooms during tests. “I don’t think it’s fair,” she says.

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