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Paper Helps Boy Who Lost Lovie to Car Thief

Photograph by AFP/Getty Images

Whoever stole a Canadian boy’s stuffed lion is cowardly—and a major newspaper is taking the brave step of trying to get it back for him.

The 9-year-old boy, whose name was not released, hailed from Halifax but was vacationing in Vancouver for a night. Shortly before the family’s flight home, his parents decided to squeeze in one last touristy hurrah: a stop at the The Vancouver Aquarium. During their brief visit, someone broke into their van and took a bunch of their belongings. Among them was a backpack that contained the little boy’s stuffed lion, Puss (along with an iPad mini the child had personally bought after saving up for it). An Aquarium security offer informed the family that by the looks of the car raid, it was a professional job.

The boy’s mother says her son is too embarrassed to publicly admit his deep ties to Puss, but he’d had the stuffed animal since he was a baby and was dependent on the lovie as a source of comfort.

Though she doubts her son will ever see Puss again, she isn’t giving up hope—nor is mightly CBC News, which has published a general call for the loved-and-lost lion’s return. CBC reporter Steve Lus wrote an article that ended with, “Maybe the person who stole it reads this. Maybe they threw it away in the park and someone else found it. Either way, if you see the lion; if you find it, send it to us. We’ll send it to the boy. We won’t judge him. We hope you won’t, either.”

Sweet! Now, we assume none of you awesome moms out there has seen Puss, but just in case you have, drop steve.lus@cbc.ca a line.

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