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Daughter Bills Dad for Computer Fix

Parents do a lot for their kids—chauffeur them to soccer practice, sign their permission slips—but if there’s one thing they traditionally can’t do, it’s flex their tech prowess repairing a computer. More often than not, kids have a better handle on their laptop than their folks do.

That, at least, was the case with one girl known on the user-generated site as “Clem_Honeybutter.” After replacing her dad’s laptop hard drive, she decided to do what many kids are tempted to every day: ask for payment, only with a humorous twist. Rather than haggling for cash, she asked dad to pay her in food at Round Table PIzza.

Her invoice, which was uploaded to Reddit, has since gone viral. And for good reason: It’s hilarious, filled top to bottom with a number of humorous details: For one, it comes from “Your Awesome Daughter” with the tagline “Have you tried turning it off and on again?” From there, she broke down tasks performed and amount owed for each. “Restore all backed up files” amounted to “Parmesan twists.”

"My dad is a mechanic, and when he fixes my car he 'charges me' a meal at a local diner," Digital Spy reports her as saying. "Since I was fixing his laptop, it was only fair that I charge him as well. My statement does include inside jokes between him and I so if it doesn't make sense, just trust me it's funny."

Image via Reddit

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