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Dear Clorox: Stop Insulting Dads Already!

<<enter caption here>> on July 17, 2012 in Berlin, Germany.
Photograph by Getty Images

Dads have come a long way on the childrearing front—as a whole, they’ve “leaned out” of their professional lives and put more hours into caring for kids than any generation before. They may not do everything as well as mom can, but they’re getting close, and we should applaud their efforts.

Yet apparently not everyone agrees. Clorox, for instance, is behind the curve. A recent post on their website felt like a throwback to a bygone era when fathers really were clueless on the home front.

“Saying ‘No-no’ is not just for baby,” the post read. “Like dogs or other house pets, new dads are filled with good intentions but lacking the judgment and fine motor skills to execute well.”

It gets worse. A list of “6 mistakes new dads make” include dad taking his kid for a walk in a “a cold, brisk, rain-soaked stroller” and only after 10 minutes beginning to wonder, “Why is this baby crying so much?” At that point, he notices his child is wearing “a short-sleeved summer onesie.” Which, if he put it on, is probably backwards.

Dads also let babies eat off the floor, are blind to stains on babies' faces, and have no qualms plopping them in front of a TV all day.

Clorox’s stereotypical jabs offended enough dads (and moms) that the company pulled the post, saying: “This article was written by a dad for other dads to make a lighthearted comparison between bachelor lives and new parent lives. We took the article down based on feedback and we know how seriously dads take their parental responsibilities.” Can we say too little, too late?

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