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Meet the New Kayak Champ. PS: She's Pregnant.

Photograph by Sports Illustrated/Getty Images

You’re probably thinking no woman would ever opt to be bobber in uncertain waters while there’s a bun baking in her oven. But be glad you didn’t bet your last pair of maternity pants on it—because a woman did just that while pregnant. Very pregnant.

Emily Jackson, 23, is due with her first child on July 19, Sports Illustrated reports. She entered—and walked off with the trophy in—the last two U.S. tour events as the Women’s World Kayaking Champion. They included a showdown at the Payette River Games, which were held in Cascade, Idaho. Braving the notoriously rough waters there, she paddled forward, upward and onward, to victory.

OK, so it’s not what most of us would do, but reading Jackson’s mini-bio on her site, jacksonkayak.com, it’s easy to see she has an infinite amount of passion for her sport. “I love the freedom kayaking gives you, whether it’s taking you to a new place, introducing you to new people, or simply taking away all other thoughts from the day,” she writes. Thoughts like how much she’d like to simply relax in a recliner while watching a rerun of The Bachelor. No, wait, that’s us.

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