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The Other F Word

Photograph by ThinkStock

You can’t blame a mom for wanting to make sure people don't use bad words around her kids. But what if the F word one mom bans isn't the four-letter word you'd imagine? Stefanie Wilder-Taylor, 46, has outlawed the word "fat" from being used within her three daughters' earshot, ABC News reports.

Her decree came about after a summer camp counselor used the word "fat” in a conversation with her daughter, then 5 years old. Wilder-Taylor said her daughter's reaction was disturbing. The girl, says Wilder-Taylor, told her, "Mommy, I can't drink soda because drinking soda gives you a fat tummy.” Wilder-Taylor was taken aback. "I was horrified. They are too young to be thinking about dieting or whether they are too fat or too thin," she says.

In response, Wilder-Taylor, a comedian and author, wrote a blog warning other parents that kids listen closely to what adults say. Some people found her post wrong-headed, but she’s also received plenty of support from other mothers who say they, too, have been struggling to keep their kids free from weight anxiety. "We as parents give the responsibility to others to help them interpret messages," said one parent. Added another, "I think, ‘It makes you fat,’ or that kind of stuff should just be left off the table."

Wilder-Taylor says she likes to dance with her girls as a way of showing them that it’s good to be comfortable with your body. " I do little booty shakes in front of my kid’s face," she explains. "I try to let them know that, ‘Yeah, you know, my butt might be a little big, but it's awesome.'"

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