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Mom Hides Son in Hot Car, Goes Shopping

Photograph by ThinkStock

A Georgia mom made her 5-year-old son hide in their car in the summer heat while she went shopping. Now, the Daily Mail reports, she’s the one in the hot seat.

Police say Amber Moore, 32 years old, made her son wrap himself in a towel and hide on the floor of her automobile while she went shopping in a K-Mart in Covington, Ga. A passerby in the parking lot spotted the young boy, still draped in the towel, crying in the parked car. The auto's windows were rolled up. The temperature outside, meanwhile, was almost 90 degrees.

When police arrived, they found the car unlocked. Speaking to the boy, they learned his mother had instructed him to hide, covered, so no one would be able to see him.

The officers immediately searched the store. When they located Moore, she told the officers that her driver’s license was in a pink bag in her car. When they escorted her back to retrieve it, they found a bottle of mixed prescription pills in the bag as well, alongside her identification.

Before police were able to stop her, Moore grabbed the pills and emptied them into her mouth, swallowing at least some of them. Her explanation? She said she was afraid of being charged with keeping medication in an incorrect bottle.

Her shocking stunts earned Moore a trip to the local hospital—and an arrest. She was ultimately charged with contributing to the deprivation of a minor, tampering with evidence and the obstruction of justice. Her son is now being looked after by a family member.

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