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Female teacher had sex with two students?

Back to School
Photograph by Getty Images/iStockphoto

The teacher/student sex scandal in California is getting more complicated by the day: Just days after Laura Elizabeth Whitehurst at Citrus Valley High School was arrested after questioning for giving birth to a child allegedly fathered by one of her students, another dad has stepped forward saying Whitehurst had sex with his child, too.

First, the backstory: Whitehurst, 28, was an advisor to a then-16-year-old student who remains unnamed, although police say had graduated this June.

“The sexual relationship began last summer and continued for nearly a year,” police spokesman Carl Baker from Redlands, California, told ABCNews.com. “The victim’s mother reported the relationship to school officials, who called Redlands Police on Monday.”

The police arrested Whitehurst for sexual intercourse with a minor. After news hit the airwaves, 23-year-old Michael Cooper came forward claiming that Whitehurt initiated a sexual liaison with him when she taught at his school, Redlands High.

“She came to me first,” he said. “She initiated it by telling me she had a dream, where in that dream we eventually kissed. I didn’t know what to think at first. It was kind of a shock, but being a hormonal 17-year-old, I saw an opportunity and I kind of just went with it.”

School officials terminated her employment after they became aware of the allegations.

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