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Wimbledon Winner Almost Disses Mom

Tennis racket and balls
Photograph by Getty Images/iStockphoto

What's the first thing you're supposed to do after a huge victory? Go to Disney World? Well, maybe the next day. Pop some champagne? Perhaps that evening. Do a silly dance? Getting closer, but that's not it either.

You're supposed to kiss your mom. But after winning at Wimbledon, Andy Murray forgot that all-important step, USA Today reports. First, he celebrated his victory right on the court. Then he climbed into player’s box, an old tradition, to share the moment with his team.

Sure, he gave out plenty of love: a hug for his coach, Ivan Lendl; a smooch for his main squeeze, Kim Sears; and embraces for the people who had helped him to train for this all-important event. Everyone in attendance who extended an arm to him received an enthusiastic high five as well.

After that, Murray began to come back down from the stands. But just as he swung his legs over the side of the television booth, the newly crowned tennis champ froze and went in reverse. The reason: He suddenly remembered that he had forgotten to get a hug and kiss to his most ardent fan of all: his mother, Judy.

Hey, it happens: We've seen plenty of Oscar winners forget to thank their significant others. But Murray’s mother has been indispensable to his career. She raised Murray and his brother as a single mom and coached both of them to become professional tennis players.

"I did forget her," Murray admitted in an interview on the court after the match. "I just heard her squealing behind me when I was trying to get down."

Not to worry, though: Murray scrambled back and gave his mom the big smooch and hug she so richly deserved. Now get that guy a ticket to Disney World.

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