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Baby Buys Car on eBay

Teach kids to use social media for good.
Photograph by ThinkStock

We’ve all bought impulse purchases on eBay from time to time. That Charlie’s Angels lunchbox for your vintage collection? Score! An old Peter Frampton album? Come on, fess up. But when eBay and babies get together …watch out!

Just ask the father of 14-month-old Sorella Stoute. The girl may barely be old enough to talk, but she speaks the universal language of e-commerce. Her father, Paul, recently logged into his email and got quite the surprise: His wee one had bid on—and won—an old car: a 1962 Austin Healy Sprite, to be exact, reports the Huffington Post.

How’d THAT happen? Daddy Stoute had apparently left his smartphone unlocked and unattended around his daughter. The cute ‘n crafty kid unknowingly opened his eBay app, made a few random clicks, and voila! Time for a larger garage.

Luckily, no parental defibrillator was needed: Turns out the old car only cost $225. (And it’s a lucky thing, too; Stoute told local news stations that he’d also been ogling a $38,000 Porsche online.)

The eBay seller was gracious, and offered to reach out to some of the runner-up bidders rather than stick Stoute with the bill. But, in a surprising (and sweet!) twist, the Stoutes have decided to keep their new wheels. Paul Stoute says he plans to fix it up, and maybe even give it to Sorella when she’s old enough to drive it.

This happy ending still delivers a serious message: Parents’ i-devices need to be password-protected. Earlier this year, the parents of a 5-year-old boy got socked with a $2,550 bill after the boy purchased upgrades in a Ninjas vs. Zombies game.

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