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A Baby Boy for Ali Landry

Mandatory Credit: Photo by Jim Smeal / BEImages (840342ax)
Ali Landry
Red CARpet Event for Child Passenger Safety, Los Angeles, America - 10 Sep 2011
Photograph by Rex / Rex USA

Ali-kazam! TV personality Ali Landry, 39, has just performed the ultimate magic —she’s made a beautiful baby boy effortlessly appear yesterday, according to a report from Us Weekly. (Well, effortlessly for the rest of us, who weren’t in labor with him!)

Landry was considerate enough to give her Twitter followers a heads up when the delivery was imminent. “Baby is on his way,” she wrote, adding a smiley-face emoticon. “On our way to the hospital.” (Presumably at least one of her escorts was her husband Alejandro Monteverde, 35, a film director.)

That wasn’t the last time Landry chimed in during her ordeal: “Contractions are not too bad yet,” she wrote later on yesterday. “I will try to do a live video later on. Follow me there to see how things are progressing.”

In fact, Landry had stayed in Twitter-touch with her fans throughout her pregnancy, posting regular updates on how she was keeping strong. “Only a few weeks from delivering, and instead of giving up workout sessions decided to switch to water workouts," she’d written in mid-June. And then, on July 1, she shared, "Just left the doctor. Countdown for baby has begun, 80% effaced, 2 centimeters dilated. Oh my goodness."

Her son weighed in at approximately 8 pounds, and reports say that she and he are both doing just fine so far. He’ll undoubtedly sleep and eat only when he wants to for a while to come—but not forever. Last month, Landry had told Us Weekly she believes in keeping the family on a schedule.

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