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No Baby Is Ugly

Photograph by Getty Images

A surprising survey published in The Daily Mail has everyone taking a close look at their newborns. Apparently, 1/5 of parents actually think they have an ugly baby. An ugly baby! As if. Before you start tossing out examples of your cousin's unfortunate looking 3-month-old, let me explain what happens when anyone sees a baby: You say, "Awww!"

It's possible later on you think, "Hmm, that kid could fatten up a bit so his face isn't one big wrinkle," or, "What a shnoz on that little dude!" But the immediate reaction to a baby (unless you're super duper stone hearted) is to coo. Because babies are tiny! And they're helpless! And, awwwwww!

It's like when you see one of those hairless cats at someone's house when you turn up for a dinner party. You also say, "Awww!" Even if those cats actually make your skin crawl. Because your initial response to small, cute, and (sometimes) furry is to have a heart-melting reaction. The attractiveness is not actually part of the "awww" equation.

So the next time you take your baby out for a spin and everyone is oohing and awwing over that adorable bundle of joy, don't assume your neighbors are lying to your ugly baby's face. They may not think your baby is winning any beauty contests soon, but the reaction is still sweet, and comes from a good place. And don't worry. Your baby will grow into that shnoz in about two years.

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