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Parents Bury Children in Front of School

In a terrible tragedy this past week, 22 children were fed contaminated food at their school, and soon after died as a result in Bihar, India. The grieving relatives and parents of those children are also rightfully angry, and have voiced their protest in a striking way: On the following day, Wednesday, the relatives of those kids banded together at the school, and they brought their shovels. They all began digging a massive grave for the fallen children's burial, resulting in a scene that they hope will keep the school from ever springing up in the future.

"This school will not run ... we will not allow it," said one such grave digger, Rakeshwar Mahato, who lost three of his grandchildren on Tuesday. "This is where our children were murdered," he said.

One would think the poisoned children would have been able to be treated, but it seems there were no such hospitals nearby capable of treating this kind of illness.

"As soon as they had eaten the meal, they felt uncomfortable and after some time started vomiting. Others had loose motion. With no facility to take care of them, they were somehow carried to the local primary health centre, which had nothing to offer by way of treatment of food poisoning cases," said villager Baliram Singh.

The most mysterious and possibly nefarious part of this whole sad situation is that the headmistress—the one who had been storing the poisonous food used in the free lunch for the kids—has vanished. The government thinks the poisoning may have been deliberate, but investigations are ongoing.

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