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How TV Is REALLY Harming Our Kids

Why are so many children being hurt by televisions?
Photograph by Getty Images/Image Source

Here's a stat that you won't want to believe: Every 30 minutes, a child is rushed to the emergency room due to a TV-related injury.


In fact, according to a recent study, between 1990 and 2011, an astounding 380,855 kids were injured by a TV in some way—whether it fell on them or they fell into it. Per year, that's a disturbing average of 17,313 kids, mostly under the age of 5.

And sadly, it looks like that rate isn't getting any better as the years progress. According to Dr. Gary Smith, director of the Child Injury Prevention Alliance and lead author on the study, "There is a myth that as flat screens were introduced in the marketplace, we would see a decrease in the number of TV tip-over related injuries to young children. This study shows the opposite is true."

Kids involved in TV-related accidents most commonly see injuries like scratches and bruises to their head and neck; but for 13 percent of kids under the age of 5, their injuries often extend further, resulting in concussions.

So what can you do to keep your kids safe? Go make sure any TVs or large furniture be securely in place, whether that be with straps, tethers or a mount on the wall.

As Smith told NPR, "Any TV that goes in the home needs to be attached to a wall, regardless of whether it is a flat-screen or a CRT."

Practical advice we can all learn from.

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