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Couple Struggling With Fertility Welcomes Quads—and a Whole Lot of Diapers

Kenosha couple gets surprise quadruplets

Imagine, just for a second, having to change 50 dirty diapers -- every single day. (Quick math check: that's 350 a week, 1,400 a month... you get the picture). For most of us, this pretty much sounds like a nightmare; but for one Kenosha, Wisconsin couple, it's just a regular day in parenthood when you've got quadruplets.

Melissa and Bill Waddle first prepared themselves for life with multiples a few years ago, when Melissa learned she was pregnant with twin boys. But sadly, halfway through her pregnancy, she miscarried and lost both. After more than a year spent reeling from the heartbreak, the couple decided to try again—and this time were rewarded four times over.

Kenzie, Taylor, Luca and Tate arrived April 17 at the Aurora Sinai Medical Center in Milwaukee. And along with them came some mind-boggling numbers.

Get this: In just one day, the Waddles blow through 80 bottles of formula that take a full 2 hours to prepare each night and cost a whopping $200 every 8 days. And those 50 diapers a day? They don't change themselves. The Waddle quads require 24 hours of round-the-clock care from mom, dad, family and friends. Combine that with mom's part-time shifts and dad's six-day-a-week work schedule, and you're looking at an average of five hours a sleep—A WEEK.

Our heads hurt.

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