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VIRAL: Lifeguard Rescues Drowning Girl

Can you spot the drowning girl?

Luckily, a lifeguard at a water park wave pool could and literally dove into action, rescuing her as other kids played in the surrounding water.

With summer in full swing, kids are hitting the pools at home and at water parks, and swimming safety is a top priority.

This YouTube video is one in a series of four from the Lifeguard Rescue channel, which was created to "educate pool life guards," according to Huffington Post.

In her article about drowning, mom.me writer Constance Sommer explains to readers that actual drowning is nothing like it appears in the movies and on television.

One misconception: They're not floating—they're vertical.

"She is not swimming, or moving meaningfully in any direction," Sommer writes of a drowning person. "She is vertical in the water."

“If your child is not in a life jacket, and suddenly she goes vertical—or she’s bobbing in the water, her head is going up and down in the water—that means she is in trouble,” adds Dr. Linda Quan, vice-chair of the American Red Cross Scientific Advisory Council.

Find out more warning signs here.

Image via YouTube
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