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WATCH: Father-Daughter Dance Will Tug at Your Heartstrings

Rachel Wolf and her dying father James dance their father-daughter wedding dance a little early.

Better get those tissues ready. Going viral this week is a father-daughter wedding dance that will touch your heart—and may cause spontaneous and uncontrollable crying. (Don't say we didn't warn you.)

It's been almost two years since Rachel Wolf's dad James was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. And tragically, despite countless rounds of chemo and painful surgery, doctors say he doesn't have much time left.

At just 58, there would be years ahead that James simply won't be there for. With this in mind, Rachel thought about all the milestones he would miss. She thought about her wedding. She thought about the dance. And that's when she devised a plan.

There would be no groom and no ceremony. Just a white dress, a dance floor, and dad. (Oh, and dozens of family and friends standing by in support.) If Rachel's dad wouldn't live to see her wedding day, she would bring her wedding day to him. So she sent her father a special invite requesting his presence at a mystery location, with only two requirements: he must wear a nice shirt and nice pants. When he showed, Rachel was head-to-toe in white, ready for their dance.

"I was completely taken aback," James told ABC News. "It was a special idea to remember her father at her wedding day."

"I always told him I would have a religious wedding," said Rachel, "but I never told him how important [the dance] was because I thought he was going to be around for a lot longer. You don't think about these things until they are too late."

According to Rachel, her father's life goal has always been to make a difference. "Care more about other people than you do yourself," he's always said. Since the video's gone viral, she feels that message has had the chance to grow.

"I want to tell dads who have little girls, videotape you and your daughter dancing, but save it. You never know what's going to happen," she said.

Watch the video:

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