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Day Care Teacher Puts out Flames, Gets Fired

Daycare teacher is fired for putting out flames -- and leaving the classroom
Photograph by Getty Images/iStockphoto

How do you think you'd react if you were in charge of a classroom full of kids and a fire broke out? Totally freak out or keep your cool?

Well when the smoke from burning chicken nuggets started to fill a daycare in Arlington, Fla., teacher Michelle Hammack sprang into action. She first smelled the smoke during nap time, while her students were sleeping. So she poked her head around the corner to the kitchen, where she could clearly see that's where the smoke was coming from. She then ran briefly into the kitchen to see how bad it was, and then back out to wake up the kids, tell the other teachers and file everyone outside.

But that's not all she did.

While other teachers and students waited outside for the fire department, Hammack ran back inside and put the fire out herself with an extinguisher, afraid that waiting any longer would cause further damage to the day care facility. Sounds pretty heroic, right?

Well, instead of getting lauded by her boss, day care owner Olga Rozhaov, Hammack was swiftly fired—for ever leaving the classroom in the first place. Rozhaov argues that while Hammack did put out the fire (which, for the record, she did not start herself), she violated the #1 rule at the daycare ...

"I fired her only because she left her room," Olga Rozhaov, told WTEV news. "It's not acceptable, and if anybody else does the same thing, I will fire again. I will fire them. No question."

Sound a bit harsh to you?

When The Daily Caller found out about the incident, they immediately put her story in the spotlight, saying it was a “sign that America is clearly wheezing its last ethical gasps.” The Department of Children and Families has since been alerted and is investigating the situation further, but until then Michelle Hammack is out of a job.

What do you think? Should Hammack have been fired at all? Watch the clip for yourself to be the judge:

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