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Will the Royal Baby Be Circumcised?

Photograph by Getty Images

Now that the royal baby is here and has his own princely name, a whole new game of speculation begins.

Will Prince George be circumcised?

While there have been heated discussions about the topic—some say it's unnecessary surgery, while others say it promotes better genital health—the practice in England has largely been common only among royals and the British upper classes, according to The Daily Beast.

That said, however, "the majority of aristocratic British families stopped circumcising sons in the 1970s," writes Tom Sykes in The Daily Beast.

But will the tradition continue with the newest royal?

Harry Wollup, who claims in Britain's The Daily Telegraph to have been circumcised by the same rabbi who performed the procedure on Prince Charles, says he doesn't think so.

"Indeed by the time the Duke of Cambridge himself was born in 1982, it is understood that Diana, the Princess of Wales, refused to continue the tradition, in keeping with the then medical opinion that it was an unnecessary procedure whose risks outweighed any possible benefits," he writes.

We commoners may never know the final outcome, as Clarence House will understandably not comment on the private family decision.

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