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Kids' Allowances up 70 Percent

Mixed Race boy pushing lawn mower
Photograph by Getty Images/Blend Images

Are your kids responsible for summer chores?

According to a new survey by American Express, they most likely are, as 96 percent of parents claim that their kids—as long as they're under their roof—have summer chores to do.

More interesting news is that kids are even making an average weekly allowance $32, up from $19 just last year. (That's 70 percent more this summer!) But what kinds of chores are kids doing this summer?

Well, 87 percent of parents are saying their kids need to clean their own room, 65 percent say their kids are taking out the trash and recycling, 57 percent get kids to do the dishes, 56 percent put their kids in charge of taking care of the pet and 38 percent percent have their kids do the laundry.

And when the summer chores don't bring enough cash? Thirty-two percent of parents say their teens spending dollars come mostly from their summer jobs, usually at fast food restaurants (27 percent), grocery stores (16 percent), landscaping jobs (15 percent), babysitting (12 percent) and waiting tables at a restaurant (11 percent).

What have your kids been up to this summer?

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