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Judge Gives Teens Unconventional Sentences

plate of penne pasta
Photograph by Getty Images/iStockphoto

If you're a parent, there's not much fun about your kid getting in legal trouble and needing to appear in court. Unless, that is, your teen happens to appear in front of Happy Valley, Oregon Judge Larry Blake.

In addition to the fatherly approach he takes with teens (to a 17-year-old who drove a car—and his girlfriend—into a tree that, he said, "You put stitches in a girl's face, and she's happy with you? Wow."), Blake has a unique signature to his sentencing. When a teen appearing in front of him is brought to court by a parent, part of the teen's sentence generally includes cooking their parent a favorite meal as a "thank you." From pasta to sushi to chicken-fried steak, this is Blake's way of making sure kids don't forget about respecting their parents... and that parents don't get home from court hungry.

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