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Baby Born at L'Enfant Metro Station in D.C.

If you're going to have your baby at a subway stop, L'Enfant Metro Station in Washington, D.C., is arguably your best choice—especially if you want your child to become an instant hashtag on Twitter.

This morning, a 23-year-old woman went into labor while riding the Metro's Green Line, according to DCist, and luckily an off-duty emergency medical technician was close by and offered to help. The two stepped off the train onto the platform of the Metro stop L'Enfant (French for "child"), of all places, and the EMT then delivered the woman's baby.

"The baby was not waiting," Metro spokesman Philip Stewart told DCist.

After the delivery, the mother and baby boy were transported to a local hospital, where, according to Stewart, they are doing just fine.

Of course, after D.C.'s Metro Transit Police first tweeted the news, the social media site lit up with all sorts of "punny" tweets, complete with the hashtag #MetroBaby.

Twitter user @KidPoetic responded to the Metro PD tweet with, "Y'all charging exit fare or nah?"

The Metro Transit Police response?

"No exit fare required; kids under 4 ride free. ;-)"

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