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This Genius Device Helps You Be a More Present Parent

Photograph by Twenty20

Whenever there's a kid's birthday party, graduation or any other event, mom or dad or even grandpa are usually assigned the heavy task of recording the memories. But what would happen if nobody had to take on this responsibility and instead got to enjoy the day... and you still had those precious memories recorded on video?

That's what the Benjamin Button company's device had hoped to do. Recognizing that many parents suffer serious FOMO (fear of missing out) when it comes to their baby's milestones, the company created a button-sized smart camera that makes it easy to follow your tots around to document all the important moments and memories.

With work and other obligations constantly taking our time away from the little ones, we simply can't be there for every single moment of our kids' lives. To help solve that problem for modern parents, the camera—which had a Kickstarter campaign that reached its goal in less than 10 hours—shoots footage of your family and then actually picks and edits "moments that matter, all automatically" in order for you to be able to enjoy and share them. But on July 2, the founder canceled the Kickstarter campaign with this message:

"Despite the fact we raised twice as much as we asked for, we found out that our product does not meet the needs of mass market. Benjamin's intelligent software was supposed to create the next revolution in family cameras - and yet, people did not understand its additional value.

We need to get back into the lab and dig more into the data we gathered. We need to rethink the message we want to spread. We need to simplify the product. And then, we will be launching the campaign again. But this time, we will return stronger. Wiser. And better prepared. —Dominik and Benjamin Button team"

You can wear the camera yourself, have your little ones wear it or set it up in a popular room of the house, and never miss a second of your tiny tot exploring the world and interacting with friends and family. Sounds incredible, right?

The idea of being able to see the world through the eyes of their children and the ease with which this wearable camera could capture first steps and first words—and potentially banish the second-child syndrome of not having a baby book is simply amazing.

So although you can't get this product just yet, we really hope some time in the lab helps improve the product to get it in our homes soon. Everything from everyday trips to the park and family vacation will get a whole new view to capture all the little moments of our kids' childhoods.

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