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Woman Gives Birth in Subway Restaurant Bathroom

Mandatory Credit: Photo by Dan Sparham / Rex USA (290832ab)
Subway sandwich shop, London, Britain
VARIOUS - 2005
Photograph by Dan Sparham / Rex USA

Looks like one Subway employee recently served up a little more than just a $5 footlong... (sorry, we couldn't resist) when she helped deliver a baby on the bathroom floor of the sandwich shop—all before the lunchtime rush.

Flora Vargas was just starting her morning shift at a Reno, Nevada Subway when a woman burst through the door, screaming that she was in labor. As the woman sprinted toward the bathroom, Vargas and her boss sprang into action themselves. They grabbed what they could—which, in their totally desperate state, turned out to be just sandwich wrappers and trash bags—and ran to cover the bathroom floor where the mom-to-be was just about to deliver her baby. (Are you picturing this like we are right now?! Insane!)

"The head of the baby was already out when she went to the floor," Vargas told the Associated Press. "The baby came out really, really fast. Fortunately, the emergency service people got here really fast."

When the East Fork Fire and Paramedic District arrived on the scene, they assisted in the rest of the delivery and tended to the new mom (who, by the way, is a yet-to-be-named 21-year-old with three other kids at home). Chief Battalion Ron Haskin was quick to point out that although he'd seen babies delivered in some pretty random places in his 30 years on the job, this one probably took the cake for most unusual.

As for the baby? "It was a boy. A beautiful boy," Vargas said. "He didn't cry when he came out. Then he cried, and I breathed easier knowing he was alive."

Crazy story! But we love its happy ending.

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