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Barbie Heads to the Red Planet

First-ever Mars-themed Barbie created by NASA and Mattel.

In her 50+ year career, Barbie's been pretty much everything from a school teacher to a rocket scientist. And this year, her résumé gets even more impressive. To celebrate the one-year anniversary of NASA's Curiosity Rover landing, Barbie will boldly go where she's never gone before ... Mars!

While she's actually been taking trips to the moon and back since 1965 (ever since the first woman was rocketed up), The Huffington Post reports that this is the first time NASA and the toy giant Mattel have ever teamed up to create an official outer space look for Barbie. The result? One seriously chic Mars explorer.

Not only will Astronaut Barbie be decked out in a signature pink spacesuit (complete with reflective accents, a helmet and a sweet pair of space boots), but she'll also come with her very own six-wheeled science laboratory (made of cardboard, of course). And once she touches down on the Red Planet for the first time, she can stick her very own "Barbie" flag into the ground to claim her territory.

Pretty cool, huh?

Needless to say, NASA and Mattel are pretty excited about the launch of Astronaut Barbie (which you can now buy here). To further celebrate women in space, the packaging even includes a list of cool space history facts and promotes the site Women@NASA, which will no doubt inspire little girls to dream big as they play.

Your kids not Barbie fans? No worries; they can reenact the mission to Mars with Mattel's kid-sized Rover Curiosity from Hot Wheels, which was actually released last year. (Still equally cool.)

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