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Family Gets 12th Son in a Row

Waiting for the birth of their 12th child, a couple from Michigan was hoping for a change for once: Instead of getting another boy (they've had nothing but males), they hoped it was possible that the kid could be a girl. But it wasn't meant to be.

Ranging from ages 21 to 3 (and now to a newborn), the Schwandt family now has 12 boys—and zero daughters, according to ABC News. "After the seventh it kind of became a routine," one of the sons said.

Although a change of pace would have been nice, having a girl, the father, Jay Schwandt, wasn't hoping too hard. "Realistically we knew it was going to be a boy," he said. "There was no big shock, you kind of hold your breath a little bit ... out pops the baby; and the doctor says its a boy, and we knew it [would be a boy]."

The boys, though, seem to love it. "The greatest thing is having ... living with 11 of your best friends," one of the sons said.

Are the parents going to try again to have a girl?

"That seems to be the million dollar question," the dad said. "Let nature take its course; if it's meant to be ... I'm sure it'll be another boy."

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