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Café Owner 'Facebook-Shames' Over Messy Kids

Lorraine MacDuff, owner of Seattle's Rainy Days Caffe, was annoyed. A pair of moms had shown up at her restaurant with several small—and loud-kids in tow. One wouldn't stop screaming and crying, and MacDuff finally asked the party to leave the cafe. She told the moms they were welcome to come back ... as long as they didn't bring the kids.

The mess didn't stop there, though. The group left behind a litter of crumbs beneath their tables, so—in typical 21st century fashion—MacDuff took a picture and posted it on Facebook, with the caption "I'd like to thank our customers of small children for not making a mess, this is what was left." Then, the trouble really started.

Kellea Poore, one of the offending moms, saw the Facebook post and shared it with her friends—and it soon went viral. The Internet, for the most part, was united in its contempt for MacDuff. Hundreds of comments were left on the now-removed photo, with threats to picket the cafe and drag MacDuff behind a truck. MacDuff posted a note of amends: "I want to apologize for posting that picture. It was not right to do that and I am deeply sorry for any embarrassment it might have caused anyone," but maintains that she wasn't trying to hurt anyone. "It was supposed to be snarky," she said. "If I wanted to humiliate them I would have taken their picture."

In an effort to bring some good from the incident, MacDuff donated the price of a scone for every comment left in a particular hour. She raised $104 for school supplies.

What do you think? Was MacDuff out of line, or is everyone overreacting?

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