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Dad Records Breast-Feeding Wife Being Harrassed

Photograph by Getty Images

Here it is again! Another misinformed meanie demanding that a mom cover up and/or stop breastfeeding her infant in a public place. Lucy Eades, a mom to four (including one hungry baby), was waiting for her daughter who was taking a dance class at the Burleson Recreation Center in Burleson, Texas when her baby needed to eat. I think we all can imagine what happened next. Yep, an employee came out and told Ms. Eades to stop it and cover up.

This time, however, Eades' husband was on hand to tape the entire incident where this nursing mom defended her right, informed the employee that it was within the law to feed her baby—covered or uncovered—and she could go ahead and call the police if she was so inclined. And . . . that video went viral. This one -

The Burleson Recreation Center did release a statement, which seems somewhat contradictory—kind of apologizing but not really. It said, in summary, that they support breastfeeding, they just want you to cover it up. Which I guess means, don't show and you don't have to go? Either way, seriously people, it's time to get over your fear of seeing babies eating in public.

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