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Adorable Baby Panda Reunited With Mom

Baby panda is reunited with mom for the first time.

The Internet let out a collective Awww! yesterday when video of a baby panda being reunited with her mom went viral. And we have to say, the footage is pretty irresistible...

Baby Yuan Zai was born in Taiwan just last month, but had to be immediately put under an incubator at the Teipei Zoo after her mom accidentally injured her. Round-the-clock monitoring followed, until zookeepers finally deemed her healthy enough to meet mom.

The baby female cub was then put inside Yuan Yuan's enclosure Tuesday, where onlookers watched as she was gently picked up by her mother, embraced and even breast-fed, all in a sweet little display of affection that could melt even the coldest heart.

The reunion, which lasted several hours, ended with mom and daughter falling asleep together in a scene that is surely the cutest thing we've seen in a while. It comes 39 days after the little Yuan Zai's birth, which is already pretty famous throughout Taiwan for being its first-ever newborn panda. Born July 7, she was conceived only after being artificially inseminated, as her parents (Yuan Yuan and Tuan Tuan) were unable to conceive her naturally.

Watch mom and baby together in action here. (And get ready for some cuteness overload.)

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