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Artist's Children's Project Is Amazing

While your kids are probably rebuked for putting sticky things all over your furniture, this artist actively encouraged it.

Starting with a completely white room for the Queensland Art Gallery in Australia, artist Yayoi Kusama just kept adding white, fairly modern pieces of furniture all around the room to make it look like an all-white living room of sorts—complete with couches, chairs, tables, desks, toys (even stuffed animals) and lamps—all for the purpose of being completely covered (or "obliterated," in the artist's words) by various sizes of colored circle stickers.

Slated as an "interactive children's project," you can see the amazing way the kids (and many grownups who had joined in the fun) have covered the walls and furniture, making for a truly interesting sight. And each participant gets a full sheet of various sizes of these circles, free to make any pattern she feels fit to make.

Kusama has been nearly obsessed with circles throughout her life—with memories from her childhood—and has made this part of her artwork, according to a video from Tate. "It’s her way of kind of covering the surface. It’s a reflection of her vision, but it’s also a way of embracing the whole world in a kind of overall pattern. And the interesting thing about this work in particular is that where she’s moved from creating an environment of spots that we passively appreciate or enjoy a walk through, she has now moved on to actually involving the audience in the creation of this dotted, spotted interior."

Watch the time-lapse video below to see the progress of the project.

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