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Mom Gives Birth on Hospital Lobby Floor

Florida mom gives birth on hospital lobby floor.

We can probably all agree that being in a hospital when your water breaks is pretty much the best place you can be. But lying on a hospital lobby floor? Hmmm, well that's one we haven't heard yet.

Susana Privada wasn't supposed to be having her baby so soon when she checked into Miami's Jackson Memorial Hospital recently—after all, she wasn't even due for another two weeks. But uncomfortable pains sent her to the hospital a little ahead of schedule. Those pains turned out to be some pretty ferocious contractions, and they were coming on fast and furious. So fast in fact, that her baby started crowning at the check-in desk. And then, to everyone's surprise, she decided to make her entrance right then and there.

"I just [asked] for the wheelchair, but I say at the same time, 'It's out, it's out,'" Privada told WSVN.

It all happened last Wednesday, and remarkably, the lightning-fast birth was even caught on surveillance camera. Privada can be seen approaching the hospital reception desk in with her husband and then soon after crouching and then laying down on the floor in front of it, where a nurse comes to her aid just in time.

That nurse was Libardo Lozano, who (thanks to his running late for work) clearly happened to be in the right place at the right time. The only catch? Lozano had never delivered a baby before. He assists in surgery, not labor and delivery.

No matter; Lozano's instincts took over and baby Dayana was born without a hitch in less than 30 minutes, weighing in at 6 pounds, 8 ounces.

“The only time I felt a little nervous was waiting for the baby to cry," Lozano told Today Moms. "I said, ‘I need you to cry now’ and [I rubbed] her back. As soon as the baby [cried] I [felt] excellent.”

Sounds pretty amazing, huh? Watch the delivery in action, in this surveillance video clip:

This isn't the first can't-quite-make-it-to-the-delivery-room birth lately. Back in May, a mom in Boca Raton gave birth on a sidewalk outside the hospital. (Which resulted in some pretty amazing photos.) Hey, at least Privada made it indoors?

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