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Male Breast Masseurs? Yep, It's a Thing

Breast masseurs are growing in popularity in China, where breastfeeding is seeing a resurgence.

Not to get all stereotypical here, but if you ask the average twentysomething male if he wants to massage women's breasts professionally, he'll probably respond with something along the lines of "you've got to be kidding me." (Immediately followed by "sign me up" or "that's my dream job"—because let's be real.)

But clearly you haven't met Yang Jun. The 29-year-old registered breast masseur from China has been taking his new breast massaging career pretty seriously—charging 200 yuan, or $32.58 a pop—much to his family's dismay.

As Jun told ITV recently: "At the beginning, my family didn't understand why I chose this for a living." And, as you might imagine, Jun's girlfriend was none-too-thrilled about the idea either. "My girlfriend opposed my work when she found out I touched other women's bodies," Yang said. "But I persuaded them that it's a noble profession, and important to new mothers, who desperately want to produce new milk."

Clearly Jun's powers of persuasion are pretty strong, though, since he hasn't let it deter him so far.

All kidding aside, this breast massaging business—which is done to encourage more milk flow in new mothers—is a growing and serious industry in China. While it's typically one of many techniques practiced by lactation consultants here in the U.S., its growing popularity in China has led it to be a stand-alone profession. The trend probably has a lot to do with the country's recently launched campaign to boost breast-feeding rates and awareness. After all, only 28 percent of China's babies currently breast-feed to 6 months, which is a number health officials are working to increase.

Still, despite the passion he has for his job, Yang did admit a few recent hesitations after only two women signed up for his services. As he told Orange UK News: "I'm beginning to think this wasn't such a good idea. The husbands are very suspicious."

Sound off: Would you feel comfortable getting a breast massage from a male masseur? Or do you think it's no big deal?

Image via ITV

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