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Letter to a Family With Autistic Son Will Leave You Stunned

Warning: this is a tough one to read.

Canadian mom Karla Begley was in tears yesterday as she shared the details of a letter that was mysteriously delivered to her door—by the world's most coldhearted neighbor ever. In it, the unnamed neighbor rails against the fact that Begley and her family would have the audacity to move to a neighborhood like theirs with an autistic child. Though, mind you, the neighbor never actually mentions the fact that Begley's son Max even has autism. Instead, the letter hurls around words like "retarded," calls him a "nuisance," and flat-out tells the family they should either move or consider euthanasia. (Yes, really.)

The typed up letter, printed on pink paper, is riddled with exclamation points and angry capital letters. And as Begley told CityNews, "The more you go on, the worse it gets."

The letter ridicules Begley for ever allowing her son to play outside, where his "awful" cries can be heard by other neighbors and their "normal" children; it complains about families of kids with special needs who think they deserve special treatment; it notes that no employer will ever hire Max, nor will any woman love him. It reeks of painful ignorance and will leave you speechless.

Not surprisingly, the hate-filled letter has swept the Internet since it first was posted to Twitter. As we write this, it's been retweeted 7,804 times and has managed to shock, anger and confuse thousands more in the process. Considering 1 in 88 people have autism, the callous, disconnected and downright cruel words of the letter are like a direct insult to so many families.

Read the letter, in its entirety, here:

Letter from angry neighbor about a Canada family's autistic son.

Letter from angry neighbor about a Canada family's autistic son.

If there is any spot of good news here, it's that Yahoo Canada News is reporting that police are currently investigating the letter and that it's being taken very seriously.

Watch Begley's interview with CityNews:

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