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Dad Has Adorable Jam Session With Three Babies

A dad and his three kids rock out to some heavy metal.

Who says dads can't multitask? Prepare to have that myth dispelled once and for all...

Last Friday, a YouTuber took to his drum set to play a cover of "This Or The Apocalypse" by the Americans—all while his toddler and twin babies rode shotgun on his hip and in their own BabyBjorns. (Because really, what better way to rock out than with three of your biggest fans strapped to you?)

The result: one seriously cute jam session that's been making its way across the Internet.

The unnamed dad played one-handed, as an Eeyore doll and other stuffed animals decorated the drum set. But the biggest surprise about the video is the fact that all three of his kids—2-year-old Zoe and 8-month-old twins Hudd and Hans—seem unfazed by the heavy metal sounds going on around them. But hey, maybe dad's just gearing his kids up to form the next Metallica or Iron Maiden. Time will tell...

Watch the video to see the family rocking out together:

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